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University ADR Programs

Abilene Christian University’s Duncum Center for Conflict Resolution

Cardozo Law’s Kukin Program for Conflict Resolution

Columbia University’s Center for International Conflict Resolution

Columbia University’s International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution

Cornell University’s Center for International Studies

Cornell University’s Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution

Duke University / University of North Carolina’s Rotary Center for International Studies in Peace and Conflict Resolution

Duquesne University’s Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies

Eastern Mennonite University’s Center for Justice and Peacebuilding

Emory University’s Carter Center

Fresno Pacific University’s Center for Peacemaking and Conflict Studies

George Mason University’s School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution

George Mason University’s Center for World Religions Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution

Georgetown University’s Master’s in Conflict Resolution

Hamline Law’s Dispute Resolution Institute

Harvard University’s Program on Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research

Harvard University’s Public Disputes Program

Harvard Law’s Program on Negotiation

Harvard Law’s PON Teaching Materials and Publications

Hastings Law’s Center for Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

Kent State University’s Center for Applied Conflict Management

Marquette Law’s Dispute Resolution Curriculum Courses

Nova Southeastern University’s Graduate Certificate in Advanced Conflict Resolution Practice

The Ohio State Law’s Program on Dispute Resolution

Oregon Law’s Appropriate Dispute Resolution Center

Pepperdine Law’s Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution

South Texas Law’s Frank Evans Center for Conflict Resolution

Southern Methodist University’s Center for Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management

University of Colorado’s Conflict Information Consortium

University of Colorado’s Internet Center for Environmental Problem Solving

University of Houston Law’s AA White Dispute Resolution Center

University of Missouri Law’s Center for Dispute Resolution

University of Nevada Law’s Saltzman Center for Conflict Resolution

University of Texas Law’s Center for Public Policy Dispute Resolution

Willamette Law’s Center for Dispute Resolution