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From the monthly archives: October, 2014

We are pleased to present below all posts archived in 'October, 2014'. If you still can't find what you are looking for, try using the search box.

Rule Revisions From 5 Top Global Arbitral Institutions

"Arbitration is an increasingly popular choice for commercial dispute resolution within the international business community" write Kiera Gans and Amy Billing with Corporate Counsel. Gans and Billing note that, while arbitration is popular, it is receiving some criticism that it's not meeting is goal of an expeditious and cost-effective technique. Arbitral institutions, in response to the criticism, have changed some of their rules as outlined in Corporate Counsel's article . Gans and Billing also provide an extraordinarily useful chart highlighting some of the most recent rules changes from five international arbitration institutions.

Blog: "Judge Says 'Over my Dead Body' to Trustee's Mediation Plan"

Stephen Sather, an attorney in Austin, Texas blogs at A Texas Bankruptcy Lawyer's Blog. In a recent post, he discusses the use of mediation in bankruptcy cases, using a recent example in a bankruptcy adversary proceeding in the Southern District of Texas. Apparently, the trustee and the other parties wanted to mediate. When they advised the judge of their request, the judge denied the motion, and during the course of the proceeding asked if estate funds would be used to pay the mediator and espoused his not-so-favorable views about mediation. Link here.
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